Presty the DJ for July 22

Today in 1965, Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman were fined £5 each in London after they were found guilty of “insulting behavior” — to wit, urinating on the wall of a gas station after the owner refused to let them use the bathroom.

Four years later, Aretha Franklin was arrested for disorderly conduct in a Detroit parking lot. Franklin posted $50 bail, and expressed her opinion of the police by running over a road sign with her car.

Today in 1972, the Who asked listeners to …

Today in 1987, a New York jury ruled that singer Morris Albert had plagiarized the 1956 song “Pour Toi” for his “Feelings.” Which brings to mind this question: Why?

That question might have been asked eight years later, when David Clayton-Thomas, lead singer of Blood Sweat & Tears, said in a concert in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., that the weather was “as hot as the last train car going to Auschwitz.” The Jewish fans in attendance were not amused.

Birthdays start with the indescribable George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic:

Rick Davies played keyboards for Supertramp:

Estelle Bennett was the older sister of Ronnie Spector, and both were part of the Ronettes:

Don Henley of the Eagles:


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