On the air near where my former car was built

I will be on WBEL radio, which calls itself The Big 1380, on Big Mornings with Ted Ehlen Friday at 6:45 a.m.

Thanks to the Internet, you can listen, if you dare, online here. WBEL is based in Beloit, home of Big Eight (which now has 10 high schools, but never mind that) Conference rival Beloit Memorial. Up Interstate 90 from Beloit is Janesville, home of the late GM Assembly Division plant that built our 1975 Chevrolet Caprice, all 18 feet 1 inch and 4,300 pounds of 1970s Detroit massiveness.

My own Beloit experience consists of a couple of college basketball games in Beloit College’s Flood Arena, the unusual experience of driving into Illinois for a posted Wisconsin highway detour, and back-to-back trips from Cuba City to Beloit between Christmas and New Year’s Day to cover high school basketball. The latter is where we discovered Domenico’s, delivering excellent Italian food since 1973. (It’s probably a good thing I don’t live in Beloit since Domenico’s has an $8.95 lunch buffet. It was work to leave the 200 Club; too many trips to the lunch buffet, and I might be heading toward the 300 Club.)

It turns out that WBEL carries the controversial Sly afternoons. As you know I’ve been a guest of his on a couple of occasions, one of which went beyond tendentious to unpleasantly tendentious. (There are two people with whom I’ve been on the radio that you will never experience again.) The last time I was on with Sly was following my interesting five minutes with Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, and if that was controversial, well, that was Morlino’s fault.



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