In order to support Trump …

Facebook Friend Michael Smith says:

I’m going to have to vote for Trump because as bad as I anticipate a Trump regime might be, a Cankles administration would be 100 times worse. I only ask for a few things. Please:

1. Stop trying to tell me Trump is a conservative – because he isn’t.
2. Stop calling me a “cuckservative” (a conservative sellout) when you sold out conservatism to support (with your religious zeal), a non-conservative, former Democrat progressive.
3. Stop calling me “establishment” – I voted for Ted Cruz in the 2016 primaries and over the years, against every eventual GOP establishment nominee since Reagan in their primaries.
4. Stop telling me a twitter rant is effective policy or even a discernible policy position.
5. Stop assuming that just because I will vote for Trump, I have no right to criticize him and must therefore cheer him wildly.
6. Stop claiming that because I don’t want Trump means I want Cankles.
7. Stop with the messianic apologia for every mistake Trump makes.
8. Stop attacking me for pointing out the hypocrisy of criticizing Obama and not Trump when they do the same things.
9. Stop simultaneously telling me to leave the GOP and then saying it will be my fault if we wake up to President Cankles.
10. Stop trying to drive conservatives like Cruz, Ken Cuccinelli and Mike Lee out of the party because they aren’t populists like you.
11. Stop telling me that Trump can change his long-held opinions and positions but I must forgo my long-held opinions and positions to support him.
12. Be ready to accept my apology if Trump proves me wrong – because I really hope I am.

A comment added number 13 for Trump supporters:

13. Be ready to apologize when he turns out to be everything we told you he is.

I remain unconvinced to vote for The Donald, not that I would vote for Hillary! for dog catcher, and given that I’m not really a fan of Gary Johnson either. The happy news, if you want to call it that, is that I live in a state where Clinton is likely to win anyway, given that a majority of Wisconsin voters have voted for a Democrat for president since 1988. So in that sense I can vote for whomever I want, in addition to the fact that I can vote for whomever I want anyway.



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