To commemorate National Blueberry Day …

I will be on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Joy Cardin Week in Review Friday at 8 a.m. opposite UW-Oshkosh Prof. Tony Palmeri.

Given my habit of being chosen for Cardin’s show around holidays, you might have assumed I would have been on last week. But that ignores the vital importance to our society of National Blueberry Day today (one day after National Fried Chicken Day, Chocolate Day — which you’d think would be celebrated on days ending with the letter Y — and National Strawberry Sundae Day), National Sugar Cookie Day Saturday, Teddy Bear Picnic Day Sunday, Cheer Up the Lonely Day Monday, Different Colored Eyes Day (which one of our cats will celebrate) and Pecan Pie Day Tuesday, Celebrate Your Geekness Day Wednesday, and, next Thursday, Bastille Day and National Nude Day. (Really.)

You can hear me Friday on WLBL (930 AM) in Auburndale, WHID (88.1 FM) in Green Bay, WHWC (88.3 FM) in Menomonie, WRFW (88.7 FM) in River Falls, WEPS (88.9 FM) in Elgin, Ill., WHAA (89.1 FM) in Adams, WHBM (90.3 FM) in Park Falls, WHLA (90.3 FM) in La Crosse, WRST (90.3 FM) in Oshkosh, WHAD (90.7 FM) in Delafield, W215AQ (90.9 FM) in Middleton, KUWS (91.3 FM) in Superior, WHHI (91.3 FM) in Highland, WSHS (91.7 FM) in Sheboygan, WHDI (91.9 FM) in Sister Bay, WLBL (91.9 FM) in Wausau, W275AF (102.9 FM) in Ashland, W300BM (107.9 FM) in Madison, and of course online at, which should play “Night Beat” more often on its weekend night Old Time Radio Drama.


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