Another constitutional amendment liberals oppose

Emma Thatcher has found another part of the Bill of Rights other than the Second Amendment that liberals oppose:

The First Amendment protects some of our most basic rights: freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and the right to petition and criticize our government. People will say that they love the First Amendment– until someone disagrees with them.

Americans need to learn that their feelings aren’t protected under the Constitution. Most millennials are too worried about making the entire world a PC safe space to notice the real problems that need to be solved. News flash: reality doesn’t come with a trigger warning. The most valuable kind of diversity any campus can have is diversity of thought, which seems to be the one kind they are severely lacking.

The Left has defined hate speech as anyone who doesn’t agreed with them. Conservatives are often called bigots, racists, and sexists for not voting for Hillary solely because she’s a woman or disliking Obama’s policies. It’s now “hate speech” to hold any opinion that SJWs find triggering.

Over the course of the last few months, there have been multiple instances where protests, sometimes violent,  have erupted at various colleges due to the presence of conservative speakers and activists on campuses. Organizations promoting conservative and free market values have been called “hateful” and “dangerous” by Social Justice Warriors, because they promote things like–gasp–capitalism and freedom of speech. …

Since the Supreme Court decision in 1963 to remove the Bible and prayer from public schools, there has been an increase in illegal drug use, juvenile crime, pregnancies out-of-wedlock, and a decrease in academic achievement. One study even found that compared to those who never attend religious services, people who attend church, temple, or synagogue more than once a week, have a 7.5-year-longer life expectancy. Those who do not attend religious services have almost a double risk of death for most causes within eight years.

America was founded by people who wanted to be able to practice religion how and when they wanted without government interference. However, it’s no longer about separation of church and state. It’s no longer about freedom of religion, it’s about freedom from religion. Schools and public buildings aren’t able to post messages like “Merry Christmas” or “God Bless America” because it might offend someone. However, those of us who are at all sane can’t seem to see how a sign or sentiment “forces” someone to take part in our religion. There have been claims that God in schools is a violation of religious freedom, however, the left thinks telling people that they CAN’T practice their beliefs when and how they want is perfectly fine. …

The First Amendment is a cornerstone of our Constitutional Republic, and we are more at risk of losing those rights now than we ever have been. Americans need to not only elect leaders that will protect these freedoms, but take the initiative to stand up and fight for freedom themselves, and fast.


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