Z rocks

For readers not in the Green Bay TV market, Tom Zalaski is an anchor at WFRV-TV (channel 5) in Green Bay.

(Irrelevant aside: Zalaski went to WFRV from WBAY-TV (channel 2) in Green Bay. WBAY was the original CBS station in Green Bay before WFRV switched in 1992 from ABC to CBS when CBS purchased WFRV in order to purchase WCCO-TV, the CBS affiliate in the Twin Cities, because WCCO and WFRV were owned by the same company. WFRV, meanwhile, was an NBC station before it switched to ABC in the late 1970s, forcing WLUK-TV (channel 11), the market’s original NBC station before it switched to ABC in 1959, to switch from ABC to NBC.)

Zalaski and I have the same tie, a bright green paisley design. He wore the tie one night on the news, and in my former life as a business magazine editor I called the station asking where he got his tie. Zalaski answered the phone and gave the answer — J.C. Penney in Oshkosh. I wear ties as infrequently as I can, but I have that tie.

Zalaski has other talents besides TV news (for which he has a great voice). He is the author of Classic Rock Woodstock and the Bands That Saved Us from the Beatles: Lessons from Z’s Scho0l of Hard Rocks, now available through Amazon.com.

Zalaski’s introduction, which can be read on Amazon.com, notes his additional broadcast role of afternoon news on WAPL (105.7 FM) in Appleton:

Zalaski book intro

Zalaski also lists songs that, growing up in Connecticut, pushed him away from the Beatles:

If you are a fan of music from the psychedelic era onward, you should get Zalaski’s book.




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