Presty the DJ for July 27

Today in 1958, a study by Esso (now ExxonMobil) reported that drivers drove faster and therefore waste more gas when listening to rock music.

If a driver wastes (however you define that) gas, the oil companies sell more gasoline. It’s unclear to me why the oil companies would consider that to be a bad thing, particularly in the 1950s when cars got all of 12 or so mpg.

Today in 1968, Sly and the Family Stone failed to appear at a free concert in Chicago.

A riot ensued.

Today in 1977, John Lennon did not get instant karma, but he did get a green card to become a permanent resident, five years after the federal government (that is, Richard Nixon) sought to deport him. So can you imagine who played mind games on whom?

Today in 1994, Bob Seger served on a jury, and was selected as its foreman. The jury found the defendant guilty.

Birthdays start with Harvey Fuqua, who sang for the Moonglows:

Nick Reynolds was one of the original members of the Kingston Trio (whose numbers totaled three times three):

David Muse of Firefall …

… was born the same day of Maureen McGovern, singer of the first disaster movie love song:

Michael Vaughn of one-hit-wonder Paperlace:

One death of note, today in 1921: Composer Englebert Humperdinck. He was not singer Englebert Humperdinck, who changed his name from ordinary but unobjectionable Arnold George Dorsey. Why someone would think Humperdinck was preferable is beyond me.

And happy birthday to Bugs Bunny:

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