Cardinal and white confusion

To, presumably, stoke interest in the football season that is nearly three months away, the Wisconsin Badger Football Facebook page decided to show off Badger uniforms this week:

After home and road examples, you are saying to yourself, what’s the difference? Well …

… there really isn’t much of one. There are red and white jerseys, red and white pants, and apparently three helmets — white, red with white facemasks, and red with black facemasks and trim. I’m not sure how you get to UW’s claimed 20 combinations — I count 12, although journalism is the opposite of math — and it’s unclear to me why two red helmets are needed, since the only difference between the two is the addition of black, which is not part of the phrase “cardinal and white,” the official UW colors.

These photos do document, however, the problems with UW’s uniform design, as I have previously listed in this space. “Cardinal” should be between Ohio State’s (and now Rutgers’) scarlet and Indiana’s crimson. This red is not cardinal red. This is …

… from a throwback game commemorating the 1962 season.

The side numbers are illegible and need to be moved to the top of the shoulders. The psuedostripe, which replaced the actual stripe because jerseys don’t have sleeves anymore, looks silly and should be eliminated.

Something like this is what the Badgers should be wearing — uniforms for home …

… special home games like Homecoming …

… road games where the opponent doesn’t have white or light-colored helmets …

… and road games where the opponent does have light helmets:

There is a design of a badger helmet floating around out there:

There is too much black in it, but that is an interesting idea to at least consider.


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