When news (and weather) interrupts sports

Former Milwaukee Journal TV critic Mike Drew sniffed more than 20 years ago that Packer news trumped what he considered “real news” in the Green Bay TV market.

As I found out once I moved that direction, Packer news usually is the biggest news when it takes place, because the Packers have an outsized influence on that area — more so than any other professional sports market in the U.S. that comes to mind. The Packers are unquestionably the biggest business, in terms of impact, in Northeast Wisconsin.

I bring that up only to introduce the reverse, because of what happened at the Angels–Dodgers game in Los Angeles Friday:

Yes, that’s Vin Scully, the greatest sports announcer of all time, announcing an earthquake.

This has happened before, most notably before Game 3 of the 1989 World Series:

ABC’s Al Michaels did a fantastic job during what became a major news event.

Almost 20 years later, Tim Brando was announcing the Southeastern Conference men’s basketball tournament at the Georgia Dome …

… when the Georgia Dome was hit by the winds of a nearby tornado.

It’s one thing when a storm warning occurs during a live newscast, when the news people presumably can move.

It’s another thing when a storm warning occurs during a sporting event, where tens of thousands of people can’t be moved very easily.

Or, for that matter, when a tornado passes by a TV station.

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