A cow jersey, or is it a Jersey cow?

A few weeks ago I chronicled the interesting alternate uniform history of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

Assuming spring takes place this year (and yesterday afternoon’s weather and today’s forecast notwithstanding, I have my doubts), the Rattlers will have, reports announcer Chris Mehring, these alternate jerseys this season, arrayed from semi-conventional to not so much:

I’m not sure how conventional this is, but this is for the Military Appreciation Series July 1-3.

Camo and orange have been done before, believe it or don’t.

Normally this would be the most out-there jersey (Out there? Star Wars? Get it?), except for …

… the jersey for Salute to Cows Night June 12. Really. I’m sure you’re all moooooved by this.

One thought on “A cow jersey, or is it a Jersey cow?

  1. Cow jersey, Holstein pattern. A Jersey is tan with white chest. I like the Holstein pattern much better than the flag motiff. Shades of the mid-seventies.

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