You belong in …

Buzzfeed has a bunch of tests that might be termed, to quote MTV’s Kurt Loder about the ’90s song “I’m Too Sexy,” dopey but irresistible.

The tests ask a bunch of questions, and supposedly the answers determine which whatever you should be.

The test apparently most popular on Facebook of late is “What State Do You Actually Belong In?”

I think the test is bogus, though apparently at least a couple people have gotten Wisconsin out of their picks.

For one thing, the first question, your favorite fast food chain, includes only three with any Wisconsin presence at all — Sbarro (in a mall near you), Dunkin’ Donuts and Taco John’s. There is no Wisconsin-based TV show on the list, though that would admittedly be a short list — “Happy Days,” “Laverne and Shirley,” “Picket Fences,” “Step by Step” and “That ’70s Show” are all that come to immediate mind.

There is one Wisconsin musical act in that question, Bon Iver, but none of these. The “What Animal Do You Think Best Represents You” question has some obvious wrong answers (road runner?), but it’s not clear whether Wisconsin could be represented by a rooster, a squirrel, a cardinal, a bear, a beaver, an elk, a deer or a loon. The question of what quality in a partner attracts you also includes no obviously Wisconsin answer, such as “she hunts and fishes.”

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