The dream GOP ticket, if I’m not on it

As you know, I considered running for president.

Facebook Friend Bill Sitter, unimpressed with that, proposes his own dream ticket:

According to many recent newspaper articles, the dream Republican ticket for 2016 is Chris Christie and Susana Martinez, Both of those candidates come from blue states. Both of candidates come from law enforcement backgrounds and are moderate in policy. They however are tough as nails in tone. Susanna Martinez comes from the Southwest and Chris Christie comes the Northeast. One of the states is very urban and the other rural. Both areas recently have become more difficult for Republicans to compete in.

Looking first at Susana Martinez, she is a former prosecutor in New Mexico and daughter of a security business owner.She has a good record of success. She won a DA race in a county that is predominantly Democrat and her tireless fight for justice has lead to some rule changes. One example is the expansion of Katie’s Law. In fact, Katie’s Law is named after Katie Sepich, a 22-year old college student whose killer Martinez prosecuted and convicted. As District Attorney, Martinez fought hard to pass the legislation, which required a DNA sample to be taken from anyone arrested for a violent felony in New Mexico. After taking office as governor, she made it a top priority to expand Katie’s Law to require a DNA sample for all felony arrests. The expansion passed through the legislature with large bi-partisan support and was signed into law by Governor Martinez in April 2011.

After being a successful District Attorney , She ran for governor of New Mexico and won. 54% to 46%. She has since maintained a very high approval rating among her citizens. She has a 70% approval rating among all people in New Mexico, which includes support from 44% of Democrats and 64% of independents. This proves that she is doing well with the Latino because a significant portion off the population in that state. …

Overall she helps complement Christie in a lot of ways. She backs up the law enforcement appeal. Being a woman and Latino bring those voters to the forefront. She also is willing to work across the aisle for conservative solutions. Thus she is in many ways the female version of Christie. …

Now let us to turn to Chris Christie, the current Governor of New Jersey. He comes from Morris, New Jersey and is a former United States Attorney. He started his assent, when he defeated Jon Corizine in 2009 Governor’s race. Chris Christie has the fighter personality that people of political stripes recognize and admire. …

This willingness to work across the aisle has allowed Chris Christie to achieve sky high approval ratings much like Susana Martinez has. According to a recent poll prior to his reelection effort, his approval rating was at 74%. Two particular data points in the poll were quite striking. The first being that “Democrats approve of the Republican governor 56 – 38 percent and say 48 – 43 percent he deserves reelection”. The second one being that, “an early look at the 2016 presidential election, New Jersey voters go 49 percent for Hillary Clinton and 45 percent for Christie. Clinton leads 60 – 34 percent among women while Christie leads 58 – 35 percent among men. He leads 90 – 7 percent among Republicans and gets 48 percent of independent voters to Clinton’s 44 percent. Democrats go to Clinton 86 – 8 percent.”

The GOP ticket undoubtedly needs at least one governor on it, preferably on the top spot. The last five years should prove in spades why that is. Two candidates with experience in Congress instead of executive experience have produced executive incompetence with malignant relations with Congress.

There are those who claim Christie is too liberal to be a GOP presidential candidate. That’s up to the GOP voter. Keep in mind, though, that governors have to get something accomplished, which makes them better potential presidents than someone like Barack “Present” Obama. GOP voters leery of Christie also forget the role of Congress in proposing legislation, which you’d think should have become crystal clear during the Obama (mis)administration.


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