Never have I read anything so appropriate

Someone created the Star Wars Personality Test, based on the Myers–Briggs Type Inventory.

And I am, of course …

It’s great to have my own theme music, although typing with gloves on isn’t easy. And of course I’m always concerned about running out of oxygen.

The next logical sci-fi question: What Star Trek character is my personality? (This isn’t all about me, by the way, unlike this, because 40 to 45 percent of the population is said to be in the SJ, or “guardian,” category.) There’s a website for that too:

You share a basic personality configuration with William Riker and B’Elanna Torres.

People like you are generally quick decision makers, organized and efficient. Your personality is charismatic, friendly and energetic, but you take life seriously and can be a little opinionated on your own turf. You’re extremely outspoken when you feel you’re in the right. You have great trouble dealing with people who are dishonest and/or disorderly.

You’re highly productive, realistic and sensible. Somewhat of a traditionalist, you’re distrustful of new and untested ideas, and you’re more than a little blunt telling others how you feel about them, or about whatever other faults you see. When you give a compliment, however, you mean it.

Your primary goal in life is doing the right thing, and being in charge. Your reward is to be appreciated by others and have your opinion respected. You also enjoy having others willingly follow your orders.

Good careers for your type include being a command officer, pharmacist, teacher, and personnel manager.

Well, Riker has a beard (after the first season) and plays a horn (though a trombone, not a trumpet).

Captain Kirk, by the way, is an ENFP (“champion”), while his successor, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, is an INTJ (“mastermind”). Deep Space Nine’s Commander Benjamin Sisko is an INFJ (“counselor”), and Captain Kathryn Janeway is an ESFP (“performer”). Spock is an ISTJ (“inspector”), Dr. McCoy is an ESFJ (“provider”), Dr. Crusher and Commander Chakotay are an ISFJ (“protector”), engineers Scott and Geordi LaForge are an ESTP (“promoter”), Counselor Troi is an ENFJ (“teacher”), and Worf is an INTP (“architect”).

Logical? There’s an entire universe of characters that are ESTJs, according to this site:

I recognize only a few of these. Captain Aubrey is great. (“Master and Commander” is a movie that should have been a series.)

So is Gene Kranz:

Jake Hoyt is the younger of the two cops in “Training Day,” apparently related in personality to Detective Stabler in “Law & Order: SVU,”  Supervisory Special Agent Hotchner on “Criminal Minds,” and Marshal Earp. Sam Gerard is the U.S. marshal from the movies “The Fugitive” and “U.S. Marshals,” as opposed to Lt. Philip Gerard from the TV series “The Fugitive.”

Mike is the small, one-eyed monster. (I am part-Polish, but I am neither green nor one-eyed nor short.) Wade Gustafson is the father-in-law who gets killed, but then in  “Fargo” nearly everyone gets killed. The Fire Lord of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is not to be confused with any character on the other “Avatar” movie.

Richard Nixon?


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