Explanation in advance for tonight

Packers News has an interactive comparison of quarterbacking between the Bears and the Packers.

The latter has had three starting quarterbacks since 1992:

  1. Brett Favre.
  2. Aaron Rodgers.
  3. Matt Flynn (once when Rodgers was concussed in 2010, and once at the end of the 2011 season).

In that time span, Da Bears have had 26 starting quarterbacks …

… starting with 1992 …

… and 1998, with three Bears starters …

… followed one year later with three different Bears starters …

… and three more in 2002 …

… and three in 2003 …

… followed by four a year after that …

… and, well, you get the idea.

But this is not a recent phenomenon. Before a 2007 Sunday NIght Football game (which is to say three quarterbacks ago, which is a low count by Bears standards), Keith Olbermann hilariously chronicled the Bears’ quarterback woes dating back to the 1950s, calling it “one of the NFL’s great unrecognized traditions. With brief interruptions of stability from the likes of Jim McMahon and Billy Wade, this job has been unsettled since Sid Luckman retired. There has always been a Rex Grossman, he has always underperformed, and they have always been about to replace him.”

Olbermann pointed out that the Bears drafted, and then got rid of, Hall of Fame quarterback Bobby Layne, and told 31-year-old George Blanda he was too old to play quarterback. That was in 1958, just before Blanda went to the American Football League and won two AFL titles. That was 12 years before Blanda played quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, at age 43. The number of Bears quarterbacks who have won NFL titles since the Bears introduced the T-formation include:

  1. Sid Luckman (four titles between 1940 and 1946).
  2. Billy Wade (1963).
  3. Jim McMahon (Super Bowl XX).

Grossman somehow got Da Bears to a Super Bowl, but Da Bears reverted to traditional offensive form that night and lost. Da Bears acquired Jay Cutler in an effort to fix their decades-long quarterback issues.

Tonight, Josh McCown (not to be confused with Cade McNown) starts because Cutler has a groin injury. (Insert joke here.)


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