I am a …

Pete DiDonato:

In our world of politics most people and politicians define their beliefs as Liberal, Progressive, Conservative, Moderate, Independent, and Libertarian. I contend most are wrong in defining who they are politically. The truth is that many voters and politicians are collectivists, at one level or another.

In the classic sense, a Liberal for instance in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries believed in limited government, individual liberty and individual responsibility. This was the common theme of Classical Liberalism up until the 20th century when liberalism became a word used to describe big government, big taxation, big spending, and big government program politicians.

Basically a Liberal today is someone who spends other people’s money “liberally” while “progressively” expanding government constantly. Classical Liberalism is what America’s Founders and Claude Frédéric Bastiat the author of “The Law” believed in—their Liberalism was based upon Individual Responsibility and growth—not Collectivizing Individual Responsibilities.

Today’s Liberal supports the redistribution of wealth, government health care, government housing, government jobs, government charity, and government education. These beliefs have nothing to do with Liberalism and everything to do with Collectivism, whether that collectivism is–Marxist, Protectionist, Socialist, Fascistic, or Communistic—True Liberalism expands individual liberty while requiring Individual Responsibility. Today’s Liberal pushes for individual freedoms, BUT without the corresponding individual responsibility. …

Are you Conservative or a Classical Liberal? Well, if you support limited government, individual responsibility, Individual pursuits, and individual results while wishing to keep the fruits of your labor, YOU ARE A CLASSICAL LIBERAL. Today’s Conservatives, Libertarians, Moderates, and Independents may fall under this category as well….I will say that some Conservatives follow collectivism when they seek to use government to impose moral or religious beliefs….this is not what Classical Liberalism followed—it allowed the individual to live their own life without obstruction. It left the individual alone to experience the consequences they created. True TOLERANCE was in the fact that you lived your life and I lived mine, I left you alone and you left me alone—–this was tolerance. It did not mean I supported your beliefs or you supported mine—-it simply meant that we respected each other by leaving each other alone.

This tolerance I contend CANNOT EXIST TODAY because we have collectivized our monies to the point that millions of people want access to those monies causing a conflict between lifestyles and classes—groups and hyphens have been created, and they all seek access to their “rights” —which are the collectivized monies from government programs legislatively stolen from all tax payers.

But you know what I am. I am conservatarian.

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