Corvettes (and other wheels) on the screen

The family (as in Manson family or Addams family) that is Facebook allows me to update a couple of my previous Friday posts about vehicles, including Corvettes, as depicted on a movie or TV (or desktop or laptop or tablet or smartphone) screen near you.

The Simply Corvettes Facebook page adds to my list of Corvette depictions in entertainment:

The movie “The Gumball Rally” …


… includes a white C3 convertible whose driver finds out they’re really not meant for jumping (depicted at 1:39 on the trailer).

I had forgotten what an entertaining movie this was. The cast includes Michael Sarrazin, Raul Julia, J. Pat O’Malley, and Linda Vaughn. (If you followed cars in the ’60s and ’70s, you know who Linda Vaughn was.)

The movie “Billy Jack” …


… includes a gold C3 convertible whose owner finds out Vettes don’t float either.

The movie “Con Air” apparently includes a flying Corvette. I saw the movie, but I don’t remember the air-Vette.

Star Trek” also includes a flying Corvette (and my favorite Beastie Boys song) …


… which is unrealistic, of course, because there is no gorge in Iowa that looks like that. Maybe you could drive a car off a Mississippi River bluff, but the bluffs don’t look like that.

And who can forget the movie “Never Too Young to Die,” with John Stamos, Vanity (yes, that Vanity) and Gene Simmons (yes, that Gene Simmons):


There’s also a movie called “The Red Corvette” …



… not to be confused with “Red Corvette,” or, obviously, “Little Red Corvette.”


Because astronauts had Corvettes, Tom Hanks had one in “Apollo 13,” with a slight launch problem in the stoplight scene. (Which appears to not be on YouTube.)

There’s also the concept Corvette …


… that Elvis Presley drove in “Clambake“:


Sam Malone, the pitcher-turned-bartender of “Cheers,” owned a ’67 Vette:


Harmon of “JAG” had (emphasis on the past-tense) a C3:


The L82 Corvette page mentions others, such as the Corvettes of Paul Drake, Perry Mason’s private detective; Larry Tate, Darrin’s boss on “Bewitched”; and “Face,” from …


Meanwhile, a site called Review Hyundai picks the top five most wanted Hollywood cars (none of which are Hyundais), four of which are …





… but are not (but should be):








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