Whom to vote for today

The polls are now open statewide for today’s state Supreme Court primary election. (And a very few other local races.)

The Supreme Court choice is easy. To view Vince Megna on the Supreme Court may cause a possibly fatal attack of laughter. Marquette University Prof. Ed Fallone could serve on the Supreme Court (one need not be a judge to serve, as Justice David Prosser demonstrates).

Fallone’s disqualifications begin with his friends, as listed by Right Wisconsin:

Rep. Gwen Moore – On Friday, the Fallone campaign announced the endorsement of Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Just citing the most recent antics from Rep. Moore include an incoherent rant that a 2nd Amendment without limits would lead to citizens acquiring submarines, she told MSNBC that abortion “affirms motherhood,” and just last year she declared efforts to curb welfare fraud at strip clubs and liquor stores to be “mean spirited.” …

Kathleen Falk – Fallone’s campaign to be an “independent” justice on the Supreme Court includes the endorsement of the Big Labor’s failed recall candidate. The Dane County liberal allegedly signed a blood pledge with labor bosses during the 2012 recall primary stating that she would veto the state budget unless collective bargaining rights were restored. Falk embarrassingly lost to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by 24 points, who went on to lose to Gov. Scott Walker by 7 points. Yikes.

United Wisconsin – Ed Fallone signed a recall petition for Governor Scott Walker. In fact, Fallone was so brazen in his recall fever that he wrote he saw no issue with judges signing the recall, even writing they should not have to recuse themselves from cases involving Gov. Scott Walker. So, naturally the group that organized the recall effort against Gov. Walker endorsed Fallone’s candidacy. How did that whole recall thing turnout anyway?

Madison Teachers Inc. – The Madison teachers union was quick to endorse Ed Fallone’s candidacy, but this might be one that he would like to stay hidden. MTI of course were early organizers of the February 2011 protests at the Capitol and earned the disgust and ire of many Wisconsinites when teacher absences forced Madison schools to close for 4 days.

Former Rep. Dave Obey – The former congressman and current lobbyist also endorsed the campaign of Ed Fallone. … Obey was the epitome of big government liberalism.

Since I gave up my political idealism many years ago, I’m going to spell out what’s at stake today and April 2 — correct Supreme Court decisions. Government’s gobbling up power generally, and the courts’ assuming for themselves the role of a superlegislature, mean that the highest courts in the state and the country are merely, to paraphrase Carl von Clausewitz, the continuation of politics by other means.

The state Supreme Court is controlled by four conservative justices, including incumbent Pat Roggensack. Not every decision is a 4–3 decision, but unless you’re OK with public employee collective bargaining reforms being overturned, or a “right” to a certain amount of school spending being discovered, or the gutting of our Second Amendment rights and our right to hunting and fishing — both of which are part of the state Constitution, not that that matters to the court’s liberal minority — Roggensack needs to remain on the Supreme Court.

Much has been written about the court’s discord. I really could not care less if Prosser and Justice Ann Walsh Bradley are having knife fights. I would not care if Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson has voodoo dolls of her four conservative colleagues. The court system is simply another level of politics, and politics is a zero-sum game — one side wins, the other side loses. Vote accordingly today, and expect more on this subject in six weeks or so.


3 thoughts on “Whom to vote for today

  1. I wouldn’t say that the Second Amendment is included in our state constitution. The right to keep and bear arms is Article I, Section 25. It says Wisconsin citizens have that right “for any lawful purpose.” I like the wording better than Amendment 2.

    1. Does any reasonable person really believe the Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms for criminal purposes? To the actual point of the blog post, this is a good overview of what’s at stake on April 2. Supporters of limited government and fiscal sanity will stay away from the polls at their peril.

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