I, Madison, Center of the Universe

The Capital Times of the People’s Republic of Madison reports:

Mayor Paul Soglin says state leaders should be looking toward the city as an example of how to build a 21st century economy rather than blaming it for Wisconsin’s current problems.

Sporting a two-tone bowling shirt a la Charlie Sheen, the Mayor on Wednesday launched into a blistering attack on the Republican-controlled Legislature and Gov. Scott Walker for crafting a tax system Soglin claims penalizes Madison for its success. …

Soglin said Dane County has only 8.5 percent of the state’s population yet delivers nearly 12 percent of the income and sales tax revenue collected in Wisconsin.

But because of the state’s complicated shared revenue formula, Soglin says Madison gets less back in state aid and ends up sending money off to wealthy Milwaukee suburbs. …

Soglin blamed both his predecessor, Dave Cieslewicz, and the state for failing to make investments in infrastructure that could have helped ease the impact of the recession — although he didn’t specifically mention the $810 million Madison-to-Milwaukee passenger rail project that Walker scuttled. …

“I’m a big believer in stimulating the economy,” Soglin said, ticking off a list of government-driven infrastructure improvements throughout history: the Erie Canal; the western U.S. dams, the rural electrification program and the interstate highway system.

(I’m a big believer, Paul, that politicians are like baby diapers. They need to be changed. Often.)

Mayor-for-Life Soglin is whining because the city is about $10 million short of revenue to fund everything Soglin wants to fund, “and no way to close it other than with spending cuts.”

Meanwhile, Madison’s schools are starting to suck, and crime is on the increase, but nary a word about either from Soglin. Instead, His Petulance blames his predecessor and those who fail to give him enough  money to waste and/or worship at the altar of Mad City. (Metaphorically speaking, since Madison is officially atheist.)

Madison these days best fits Ann Richards’ claim about George H.W. Bush — Madison was born on third base and officially thinks it hit a triple. You would have to be at the very nadir of competence if you did not have a growing economy in a city that is the state capital and has the flagship state university campus.

I love this comment about Soglin’s screed:

Paul, what do you know about stimulating the private sector? You have tried the private sector a couple times; failed because you have to produce results in the private sector. You end up crawling back to the voters of Madison to put you back on the government teat. The only reason Madison is successful is because of the state. If the state did not have all of its offices in Madison you would be a ghost town. With all of the regulations put on businesses, by people who have never worked outside of government much less run a business, you have managed to run off most business that do not cater to the state. Just say thank you and move along to supporting some city ordinance wishing Hugo Chavez a speedy recovery.

This one too:

Best cut of the entire story:
“We are not allowed to share in the bounty we have created,” he says.

Pardon me, but when you progressive geniuses want to spread MY wealth around, everything is butterflies and rainbows. When it’s your own wealth…not so much?

Hypocrisy much?

And …

Soglin’s statement is profoundly moronic and does not reflect the ground realities. Must be the bad weed!

Soglin single handedly droves businesses out of town and continues to do so. He is unqualified to be a mayor in 2012. His allegiances are to people who continue to blame and vilify businesses and corporations. He is in bed with them.

This guy is not even player in economic development game. Don’t confuse blowing tax payer money with business development.

Perhaps Soglin’s foil, Walker, can alleviate Madison’s revenue problems by moving as much of state government as possible out of Madison. Fewer people, fewer government services to have to provide.

I am reminded yet again how happy I am to not live in Madison. I wouldn’t drive through or around Madison if I could avoid the left-wing suckhole in the middle of Dane County.

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