Facebook Graphic of the Day

Three years ago, he who wants to end the George W. Bush tax cuts (and raise taxes on most Americans) said:

Oh wait, says the Washington Post:

President Obama on Monday called for an extension of the George W. Bush-era tax cuts for the middle class, setting up an election-year showdown with congressional Republicans and sharpening the contrast with Republican rival Mitt Romney on the crucial issues of taxes.

At an event staged in the East Room with working families, Obama announced that he would support a one-year extension for households earning less than $250,000, citing the tough economic times “when so many people are trying to get by.” But the president added that he supports allowing the tax cuts to expire at the end of the year for higher-income earners, putting him at odds with the GOP, which favors extending them for all income levels. …

The tax cuts dating to the Bush administration are set to expire for all income levels at the end of this year. And the debate over tax fairness has grown more pronounced with the looming deadline, this winter, of the “fiscal cliff” — a combination of mandatory spending cuts and tax increases agreed upon last year to tame the deficit that many economists believe could throw the country back into recession. …

House GOP leaders have scheduled a July 23 vote on a one-year extension of the tax cuts for all income earners, and they charged that the president’s plan would raise taxes on small-business owners.

“President Obama is still asleep at the switch when it comes to our economy and jobs,” House Speaker John A. Boehner (Ohio) said Monday. “In the wake of another weak jobs report, the president is doubling down on his quixotic call for the same small-business tax hikes that have been routinely rejected by the House and Senate.”

Interesting admission from the White House that “so many people are trying to get by.” Recall from Monday that since World War II no president has ever been reelected with the unemployment rate higher than 7.4 percent. It is now 8.2 percent.


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