Whom to vote for Tuesday

Tuesday’s gubernatorial recall election might be one of the easiest choices in recent elections, simply because there is no good reason to vote for Democrat Tom Barrett.

Accomplishments in office? Gov. Scott Walker is being blasted for doing what he said he’d do. And union leadership knew that all along.The budget is legally, not factually, balanced, which is a 50-percent improvement over Walker’s predecessor. The state’s business climate has gone from disastrously bad to at least mediocre.

Barrett has exactly one accomplishment, and maybe not even that — hiring what appeared to be the right police chief before the Milwaukee Police Department was discovered massaging crime numbers.

And what of the lieutenant governor race? We are to believe that union head Mahlon Mitchell wants to bring people together like Barrett claims. This is a year after Mitchell called for businesses whose management and employees supported Walker to boycott them. Union types have a funny definition of bringing people together.

Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch have done nothing — nothing — to deserve recall. All voting for Barrett and Mitchell will do is guarantee their recall one year after they take office. And that is literally all, because control of the state Assembly isn’t shifting from the Republican Party after Tuesday, and probably not after Nov. 6 either.

This may be preaching to the choir, since I’m guessing there may be four or five undecided voters left in the state. Nevertheless, opinionators have to opine. Walker and Kleefisch are the only people you should vote Tuesday.

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