Your multiple-choice column

One of my goals in life is to be compensated more than once for the same piece of work.

I first pulled this off during my college days, when stories I wrote for the Monona Community Herald were stories I also turned in for my public affairs reporting class. The instructor, a New York Times foreign correspondent, knew I was doing this. It strikes me now as having been professionally judged twice — by the Herald, which paid me every two weeks to write; and by someone who had covered the Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia. (Which is not the same thing as the Town of Cottage Grove board, but that’s not the point.)

Then after I started in southwest Wisconsin, I announced games for the local radio station that I also wrote about for the newspaper. Later on, I was a stringer for the Dubuque Telegraph Herald covering meetings I would also write about for the Grant County Herald Independent. Think of it as early multitasking.

With that lengthy introduction in mind, I invite you to read my Platteville Journal column on the multiple meanings of Memorial Day, one of which is high school commencements, about which I have previously written, along with the start of summer and vacations.

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