Ya think?

The original headline for this piece was going to be from one of my favorite guilty-pleasure movies, “Desperado,” in which a meeting takes place in a Catholic church confessional:

EL MARIACHI (Antonio Banderas): Bless me father, for I have just killed quite a few men.

BUSCEMI (Steve Buscemi): No shit.

(I should apologize for the foul language, but (1) I’m just quoting from the movie and (2) we already lowered the bar through the blog’s first example of nudity earlier this week.)

The reason I would choose either of those headlines is because of this Wisconsin Reporter item, headlined “Some worry state entering reprisal by recall”:

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin and the liberal political action committee United Wisconsin next month plan to launch a petition drive to force Walker to stand for election — only a year into Walker’s four-year term. They’ll need to collect more than 540,000 valid signatures.

Democrats and organized labor are livid about the Walker-led Act 10, which reformed collective bargaining for most unionized public employees.

Some in Democratic leadership have suggested Walker won’t be the only Republican to face a recall threat; they say some GOP senators could be targeted.

Some see it as a reprisal by recall.

“I would classify it as type of warfare,” said Joe Heim, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. “To me, there’s got to be some rational sense at some point.”

While he said he can understand the anger of Democrats and union members over Walker’s policies, Heim said he is no fan of easy recalls.

“Recalls should be like impeachments; they should be for high crimes, malfeasance and corruption. They should be used minimally,” Heim said.

This is by far the most disingenous comment:

Jim Camery is a bit conflicted, but he said he’s adamant that he wants Walker out for what he calls the governor’s “egregious” policies.

Camery, chairman of the Pierce County Democratic Party, said he goes back and forth on whether the recall system is a good tool. He said he believes it will be a breeze to get the 540,000 signatures to recall the governor, or 25 percent of the total vote in the 2010 gubernatorial election.

The Democrat said he knows it could all be “tit-for-tat,” that Republicans could champion recall causes when they are in the minority. But, he said, he’s hopeful the current spate of election challenges doesn’t lead to a continuous recall campaign.

You have to be Cleopatra, the queen of denial, to believe that Republicans will not work to recall a Democratic governor in the unlikely event Walker loses a recall election, or if Democrats take control of the state Senate through another recall campaign. The Recallarama of earlier this year shows that, as Camery predicts, you can get enough signatures, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to win a recall election.

We have now arrived at the most toxic political atmosphere in the history of this state. Democrats and their apparatchiks didn’t like the Nov. 2 election results — for which blame they should look in the mirror at their capital punishment-level incompetence — and now want to hold taxpayers hostage for their electoral temper tantrum. And this over taking a small step to move control of state finances to where it belongs — with taxpayers, not government employees.

Remember, Democrats, that Newton’s Third Law of Motion does not apply. For every political action, there is a bigger and opposite reaction. And I couldn’t hazard a guess as to what that might be.

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