All you need to know about Labor Day …

… comes from Tim Nerenz:

… Labor Day … should be about doing work, not avoiding it.  Last week, the govbots got on their horse in one Wisconsin school district to defend the “right” of teachers to take 20 sick days off during a school year already punctuated with union holidays, winter and spring breaks, summers off, and conferences galore.  In another district, anger boiled over at the suggestion they up their work day by 30 minutes and put in a (gasp) full eight hard.  No, really – and for as many as five straight days in a row.  I know, I know.

In yet another pre-Labor Day noogie from our vacationer-in-chief, Mr. Obama’s EPA issued a slew of regulatory pronouncements designed to choke the life right out of the American industrial and energy sectors last week.  The President had to quickly back off and rescind his own edicts, deciding we really can’t afford to enact job killing regulations right now.

Which begs the obvious question: when could we ever afford to enact job killing regulations?  A month ago, when the President gave his EPA the go-ahead to unleash their regulatory kick in the nuts?  Did he think that was a good time to enact job killing regulations?  Please don’t tell us that Mr. Obama just figured out this week that we need jobs.  Although that would explain a lot. …

Who blocks school choice and prevents inner city kids from having a fighting chance to be educated and employable?  Who was it that tried to replace grades and awards with stickers and hugs for everyone?  Who was it that insisted that unions run the schools?  Who was it that packed school boards in order to negotiate work rules with themselves?

Liberals, that’s who.  A half-century of unionized government monopoly schools has produced an unemployable underclass who can’t read or cipher and lacks the basic social skills to win and hold a job.  You guys expect us to throw you a parade for that?

And who was it that taxed employers out of the cities?  Who didn’t want those icky, icky factories in their gentrified Chardonnay neighborhoods?  Who shut down the offshore oil industry?  Who cut off the water to California’s agriculture industry?  Who was it that increased the minimum wage and drove black teenage unemployment to over 50%?  Who was it that forced banks to give mortgages to people who could not afford them and now can’t move to where the jobs are because they are handcuffed to upside down mortgages?

Liberals, that’s who.  They have ruined public education; they have ruined the economy; they have sacrificed our jobs on their altar of environmental guilt fantasy; they have chased producers overseas; they have unionized the public sector and increased both its bloat and its sloth.  You guys expect us to throw you a parade for that?

I don’t know why you think this is your day.  You are the enemies of work; the job killers.  They should throw you a parade in China; you have delivered world industrial leadership to them by driving it out of America.  Enjoy your bratwurst.

Those of us who work rings around you are not ceding Labor Day to you just because you have the arrogance to claim it for yourselves.  93% of private sector workers choose to work free of union interference. Labor Day is our holiday, too. More of us are left-handed than belong to your unions.  You are not even the most popular lefties in the workforce anymore.

Work is freedom of association put to the purpose of mutual prosperity.  The exchange of one’s labor for capital is the most basic of capitalist transactions; it is the daily proof that we still own ourselves.  That is indeed something to celebrate.

Celebrate workplace liberty this Labor Day.  Enjoy yourselves.

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