Apparently I am a sign of the apocalypse

Judging from the reactions, I am one of the few people that, until yesterday, was not on Facebook:

OMG Hubby has finally joined Facebook. Friend him NOW!
FB will NEVER be the same
How did you do that…John still won’t!
Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria! 12/21/2012 is soon approaching! and yet another sign…Steve is on Facebook

HI! i see facebook won again…

But now I am. I found out that there was no one by my name on Facebook, so if you do a search for my name, you are guaranteed to find me. (I am also on LinkedIn, and you can see from the right side of this page that I am Presty1965 on Twitter.)

Until now I had assumed that Facebook was, well, too social for, you know, a business magazine publisher/editor/pundit. Then I was advised by someone considerably more savvy than I in social media (you know who you are, Todd, and thanks) that if it were a country, Facebook would be the third largest country in the world. (I wonder if Facebook is run any better than countries one and two … or for that matter this one.)

Since I have this blog linked to Facebook (as well as LinkedIn and Twitter), I assume all the people I have now Friended and vice versa will find out that, wow, Presty is really a right-winger. (I’ve been a proud member of Hillary Clinton’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy since the 1990s.) The thing, however, is that (1) I am perfectly capable of not talking about politics (remember that the phrase “the personal is political” did not come from the right side of the political aisle), and (2) I have no problems arguing ideas because ideas are supposed to be argued, and the way one improves the process of delivering opinions is to debate opinions. And, now that I think of it, there is a (3): If you don’t like a blog entry, don’t read it.


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