You shall be known by the company you keep

Christian Schneider on with whom Sens. Jessica King (D–Oshkosh) and Tim Cullen (D–Janesville), supposed gubernatorial recall candidate, are hanging around these days: If the recent controversy over collective bargaining in Wisconsin has done anything, it has lifted up a rock to expose how many cretins manage to slither below the surface of legitimate political dialogue. … […]

Presty the DJ for Jan. 17

The number one album today in 1976 was Earth Wind & Fire’s “Gratitude” … The number one British album today in 1999 was Fatboy Slim’s “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby”: The long list of birthdays begins with Eartha Kitt: One-hit-wonder Chris Montez: William Hart of the Delfonics: Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones: Cheryl […]