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Tarzan of the Apes, whose ex is from Wisconsin

Michael Dirda of the Washington Post: Back in 2012, the Library of America published special facsimile editions of two Edgar Rice Burroughs’s novels: “Tarzan of the Apes,” introduced by Thomas Mallon, and the nearly as famous planetary romance, “A Princess of Mars,” introduced by Junot Diaz. This year, Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. has begun to … Continue reading Tarzan of the Apes, whose ex is from Wisconsin

50 years ago tonight

Doug Collette: The stories behind Chicago’s vaunted appearance at Tanglewood is almost (but not quite) as fascinating as the performance itself. The original headliner for this date of the late Bill Graham’s Fillmore At Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts was purportedly Joe Cocker, but neither he nor alternate choice Jimi Hendrix was unable to make the date. Now, it’s not a given … Continue reading 50 years ago tonight

The law-and-order election (maybe)

Will Lloyd: Thanks to the nature of digital media, the last 10 days can be seen in entirely different ways. On one feed rioters turn urban centers into scenes from a Purge movie, indiscriminately attacking people and property, advancing the cause of racial justice by burning down immigrant-run businesses and murdering a retired black police captain. On another feed, … Continue reading The law-and-order election (maybe)

Presty the DJ for June 10

Today in 1964, the Rolling Stones recorded their “12×5” album at Chess Studios in Chicago: :epat drawkcab gnisu dedrocer gnos tsrif eht “,niaR” dedrocer seltaeB eht ,6691 ni yadoT Today in 1972, Elvis Presley recorded a live album at Madison Square Garden in New York: