The pre-State of the Union

Jennifer Harper:

As President Trump gives his annual State of the Union address, Americans in general continue to rejoice over the economy, job creation and an improved U.S. presence in the global trade and national security arenas. Mr. Trump also has a very reassuring agenda.

“In this State of the Union, the president is calling for an end to resistance and retribution politics, and calling for cooperation and compromise. He really wants to unify the nation as its commander-in-chief and its president — the leader of the nation, not the leader of a political party,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway tells Fox News.

And as the election year picks up speed, a big majority of Republicans still believe in the “Trump Train” — the ebullient symbol of can-do spirit and practical determination that has become a hallmark of the Trump administration despite endless pushback from Democrats and the mostly hostile news media.

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