Mis disculpas, or mой извинения

During my Wisconsin Public Radio appearance Friday I apparently erred in referring to Venezuelan “president” Huge Chavez in the present tense.

Chavez died in March, despite his undoubtedly excellent Cuban medical care led by another is-he-dead-or-not, Fidel Castro.

Hugo Chavez, in stable condition.

Perhaps the reason Chavez’s descent to Hell escaped my memory is that there has been no  difference between Chavez and his successor as dictator, Nicolas Maduro.

The subject came up in a discussion of the battle between Maduro’s government and its dissenters, which the U.S. left cannot condemn because the U.S. left was a huge fan of Chavez and is a fan of any country in the Americas that opposes the U.S. And hey, Chavez was democratically elected! (As was Adolf Hitler.)

From that ensued a debate over whether the U.S. should be interested in a country in the Western Hemisphere killing its citizens. My opponent disagreed with my stance, which is not surprising because (1) The Progressive is usually wrong, and (2) according to the always-accurate Buzzfeed test President Prestegard would be …

American World Conquest
Your rustic individualism and “America will f— you up” mentality has really changed the world. We now have 182 states since your occupation of Russia, China and most of Europe. Cuba has been converted from communist state into an island extension of Disney World. Most government services have stopped since there is no money left in the treasury after your world conquest. But have no fear, you will get re-elected because everyone is terrified to run against you. It is really a Mad Max, old west existence for most people under your rule, and you like it that way.


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