The stupidest thing you will read today

It’s not clear to me what makes Christie Hefner, former CEO of Playboy Enterprises, qualified to have an opinion on this subject, but MSNBC thought so (from Daily Caller):

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the Center for American Progress’ Christie Hefner said that Chicago’s sky-high murder rate could be blamed — at least in part — on climate change.

“Yes, last year we hit a record number of murders from guns [in Chicago],” Hefner, the former chairwoman and chief executive officer of Playboy Enterprises, said. “And this year we are already outpacing last year’s numbers. Now, there are contributing factors that are not under anybody’s control and may seem odd, but it is factually true. One of them is actually the weather. There is a dramatic increase in gun violence when it is warmer. And we are having this climate change effect that is driving that.”

The average high temperature July, the hottest month in both Chicago and the much-safer New York City, is the same for both cities at 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Scarborough took a moment to sardonically thank Hefner for that statement on behalf of conservative bloggers.

“Christie, can I just stop you and say conservative bloggers across America, thank you for saying that climate change is responsible for the rising murder rates in Chicago,” Scarborough said. “You have just made a lot of people in their basements of their mothers’ homes very happy.”

(For the record: I have never lived in my mother’s basement.)

It’s unclear, though widely claimed, that crime rates increase in the summer. Apparently they do in Chicago. (By the way, Wednesday’s Chicago high was 48; today’s is predicted to be 16, which doesn’t seem like high-crime weather, but never mind.) Hefner must not be on TV very often, or perhaps she’s gotten bad media training (which would be ironic, wouldn’t it?), since she was unable to introduce any, or anyone’s, evidence to even begin to support her bizarre theory. And because she’s a lefty, she obviously can’t be bothered to consider the connection between Chicago’s famously tough gun laws and Chicago’s famously high crime rate.

Hefner cannot even get the theory she’s espousing correct. The global warming — oops, global climate change — types claim that a warming planet means not necessarily universally warmer weather, but more extreme weather. Since, as noted, Chicago and New York have the same average July high (as do a lot of places in this country), perhaps she neglected to mention that since it didn’t fit into her goofball theory.

Even the beginning of her theory fails. Follow Joe Bastardi on Facebook or Twitter, and you will discover the inconvenient truth that the planet is not warming.

The solid and dashed lines are predictions of global temperatures. The squared and dotted lines are the actual temperatures. Notice which direction those are going, and have been  going since approximately 2004.

Or read Mike Smith, who acts like an actual scientist in evaluating whether global warming is taking place, as opposed to the hysterical scientists who go to Algore and Hefner for affirmation these days.

One wonders if Hefner feels a bit guilty for her own role in (allegedly human-caused) global warming. Those who read Playboy beyond the photos read many photo features espousing conspicuous-consumption lifestyles, which, you know, used energy, which overheated the planet, blah, blah, blah.

I won’t even bother to ponder whether Hefner — who is old enough to be her stepmother’s mother — feels guilty for her father’s magazine’s work in objectifying women and coarsening the culture by demonizing such bourgeois pastimes as marriage, family and church to the point where an average of a murder per day would be an improvement from Chicago’s current murder rate.

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