My favorite fundraiser, without me

Regular readers know that I have participated in the annual Bergstrom Drive for a Cure for the past several years.

Read the post from a year ago and you’ll see the reasons to support breast cancer research. Every man reading this post has a woman in his life somewhere, ranging from grandparents to grandchildren. (In my own case, my mother had breast cancer in 1988.)

The opportunity to drive cars with Bergstrom donating $1 per mile driven is certainly a more fun fundraiser than, say, selling things, running or walking great distances, getting your hair cut off, or whatever other way money is being raised for a good cause.

Bergstrom’s 2012 Drive for the Cure is today and Saturday at Bergstrom on Victory Lane in Appleton.

Bergstrom replaced BMW as the sponsor when BMW discontinued its participation. (Although you can still drive a BMW this weekend.)  Bergstrom this year replaced the Susan G. Komen Foundation with the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The Komen foundation got itself into some hot water early this year by deciding, and then reversing its decision, to discontinue grants to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is controversial, of course, because some of its clinics perform abortions. Since it is Bergstrom’s event, Bergstrom can decide where it wants to send money from the Drive for a Cure, and certainly the Medical College is a worthy recipient, with the added benefit of being a state organization.

Unfortunately, I can’t Drive for the Cure this weekend, which means two things. First, I won’t be reviewing the cars I drove as I have in past years. Second, all I can do to support this worthy cause is to urge you to support this worthy cause this weekend.

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