Whom to primarily vote for Tuesday

Tuesday is the gubernatorial recall primary election, another chapter in the farce that is Recallarama 2012. First things first: Those who support the Republican Party need to vote for Gov. Scott Walker in the GOP primary. Arthur Kohl-Riggs is a joke candidate. Which doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have the right to run, if he craves […]

Divided like never before … not

One of the standard rhetorical weapons used by opponents of a particular politician is to accuse him or her of being divisive. The corollary for those who think politics has existed only during their lifetime is to argue that today’s politics are more partisan and more divided than ever before. Either group might claim that […]

Presty the DJ for May 7

This being Monday, the number one single today in 1966 is appropriate: Today is the anniversary of the last Beatles U.S. single release, “Long and Winding Road” (the theme music of the Schenk Middle School eighth-grade Dessert Dance about this time in 1979): The number one album today in 1977 was the Eagles’ “Hotel California”: