Da Union, from Trenton to Madison

Apparently Wisconsin isn’t the only state dealing with self-entitled, thuggish government-employee unions. So, according to the Wall Street Journal’s William McGurn, speaking to Hillsdale College, is New Jersey: Many scholars are better versed on the history of public employee unions than I am, but there is one credential I can claim that they cannot: I […]

Our national Madness

There are many ways to fill out NCAA men’s basketball tournament brackets. I’ve tried most, none really successfully. One of the sounds-crazy-but-isn’t theories is the Blue School theory — pick the school with blue uniforms. Since the Blue School list includes such traditional NCAA powers as Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA and Connecticut, along […]

Presty the DJ for March 13

The number one single on both sides of the Atlantic today in 1960: Today in 1965, Eric Clapton quit the Yardbirds because he wanted to continue playing the blues, while the other members wanted to sell records, as in … The number one single today in 1965: Today in 1967, the Beatles hired Sounds, Inc. […]