35 or number four

The Tax Foundation has a new study on one of this blog’s favorite subjects, state business climate. Location Matters: A Comparative Analysis of State Tax Costs on Business compares the states’ business tax structure as they affect two types of companies — “mature firms,” companies 10 years or older, and “new firms,” younger than three […]

The Weekly Newspaper of the Year

This week’s Ripon Commonwealth Press has most impressive news: Commonwealth judged best weekly paper in Wisconsin After a 10-year hiatus, the Ripon Commonwealth Press once again has been named the best weekly newspaper in Wisconsin. After being judged against the 190 other weekly publications across the state, the Wisconsin Newspaper Association named it the Weekly Newspaper of […]

Presty the DJ for March 1

Today in 1961, Elvis Presley signed a five-year movie deal with producer Hal Wallis. Today in 1966, Gene Clark announced he was leaving the Byrds because of his fear of flying. Today in 1969, Jim Morrison of the Doors was arrested on charges of lewd and lascivious behavior during a concert at the Dinner Key […]