Da bad-news Bears

Packer fans know from past experience that the first couple days after a playoff-free season are not always healthy for the employment of a playoff-free coach. In 2000, while on the way to a New Year’s/Rose Bowl party, the radio broke the news that coach Ray Rhodes was going to be fired after just one […]

Lies, lies, lies, yeah, part 2

Tim Nerenz suspects a conspiracy between the feds and opponents of Gov. Scott Walker, and for good reason: Recently, the Bureau [of Labor Statistics] named Wisconsin as the state with the worst job loss in November, with a decline of 14,600.  This came on the heels of 9,700 jobs BLS reported lost in October.  The […]

Presty the DJ for Jan. 4

The number one single today in 1959: Today in 1970, the Who’s Keith Moon was trying to escape from a gang of skinheads when he accidentally hit and killed chauffeur Neil Boland. The problem was Moon’s attempt at escape. He had never passed his driver’s license test. Perhaps Bruce Springsteen got the idea for the […]