One year from yesterday

Three Washington Post writers conclude: One year out from the 2012 election, President Obama faces the most difficult reelection environment of any White House incumbent in two decades, with economic woes at the center of the public’s concerns, an electorate that is deeply pessimistic and sharply polarized, and growing questions about the president’s capacity to lead. Those […]

He must have seen Wisconsin

I bow to  no one in my animus against teacher unions, a blight upon our nation. (I wonder if this will come up at my charter school meeting this afternoon. If it does, I hope it won’t take long; I have to pick up our kids from swimming.) Fox Business Channel’s John Stossel has done […]

Presty the DJ for Nov. 7

Today in 1967, DJM Publishing in London signed two young songwriting talents, Reginald Dwight and Bernie Taupin. You know Dwight better as Elton John. The number one British album today in 1970 was “Led Zeppelin III”: Today in 1987, Tiffany (whose shopping mall tour was beneath the dignity of two young newspaper reporters) was the […]