A sour story

To Mike Nichols, wellness, well, makes him sick: I think my initial misgivings started a few years ago when the School Board in Neenah adopted a “Wellness Policy” prohibiting kids from celebrating their birthdays by bringing sugary cupcakes and candy into the classroom and sharing them with friends. The policy is still in force, and […]

A Republican against the GOP

Interesting points by Dave Nalle of the Republican Liberty Caucus: Today the Republican Party is at a crossroads. It faces the choice of continuing down a path of failed leadership and forgotten principles, or taking the hard and rutted road back to its beginnings. The party was established to restore the values of our founding […]

Presty the DJ for Oct. 17

The number one song today in 1960: The number one song today in 1964: The number one song today in 1970: The number one British album today in 1998 was a collection of Phil Collins “Hits”: Birthdays start with jazz drummer William “Cozy” Cole, who recorded a two-part instrumental hit: James Seals, the first half […]