The first three-day weekend

Today starts Memorial Day weekend, the first of this year’s three three-day weekends and historically in Wisconsin, the three-day weekend of the most dubious weather. This is the point where some commentators harrumph that Memorial Day, which is supposed to honor those who died in military service to our country, has instead become the unofficial first […]

The Class of 1983

What you are about to read was first written in July 2008, which was Reunion Month at the Prestegard household — my high school’s 25th class reunion, followed two weeks later by my wife’s 25th class reunion. That makes us two of the older members of Generation X, which means we supposedly are slackers, unhappy at work, seeking balance between […]

Presty the DJ for May 27

Today in 1975, Paul McCartney released “Venus and Mars” (not to be confused with “Ebony and Ivory”): Birthdays include Ramsey Lewis: April Wine drummer Jerry Mercer: Left-wing singer Bruce Cockburn: Bass player Pete Sears of Jefferson Starship: Neil Finn played for Split Enz … … and Crowded House: Eddie Harsch (born Edward Hawrysch in Canada) […]