All politicians suck, some more than others

John Stossel: Recently, The Wall Street Journal‘s Kimberley Strassel used the phrase “no political guardrails” to point out how many of today’s politicians seem to lack any constraints, any safeguards against their use of power. She’s onto something. “Mr. Obama wants what he wants. If ObamaCare is problematic, he unilaterally alters the law,” Strassel writes. “If […]

It’s a crime to pay too much

Appropriately for Cyber Monday, the MacIver Institute warned last week: Brett Healy, President of the MacIver Institute, noted that “low prices are actually illegal here in Wisconsin thanks to our antiquated minimum markup law. I cannot believe these evil corporations are trying to give Wisconsinites the lowest possible price this week when we buy the […]

A higher circle of tax hell

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel claims this news should make us feel better: Wisconsin’s status as a tax hell may have hit a permanent downgrade to a heck following the discovery of a long-undetected error by the U.S. Census Bureau and its annual tax rankings. For six years and possibly longer, the federal agency has been […]

Business asks the GOP

Tonight is the latest Republican presidential debate, in Milwaukee. It is also the latest debate I won’t be watching. I have to work, but even if I didn’t I have a life, and presidential debates are a charade. I don’t know if Kurt Bauer, president of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, was invited to tonight’s debate; […]