It’s about time

The National Motorists Association is happy, because … Thanks to the efforts of many citizens and public officials, Wisconsin’s maximum speed limit will soon be raised to 70 mph. The new limit will apply to select stretches of interstate highways and freeways throughout the state. The NMA has supported the increase ever since Manitowoc Assemblyman […]

The sweetest sounds

Legendary Speed Shop passes on Nitto Tire’s video: As you know, one of my weird interests is car starter sounds. A car’s starter motor (assuming it successfully starts the car) is a promise of a trip to a destination, the expression of transportation freedom found in no other mode of transportation. The ultimate starter sound […]

The infrastructure deficit, and how to fix it

State Sen. Frank Lasee (R–De Pere): The debate over Wisconsin Prevailing Wage law is reaching a fevered pitch. Many are still unclear about what prevailing wage is and how repealing it will save taxpayers millions and help local and state government reduce their building costs for years to come. Prevailing wage is a mandatory, government-set […]

Interstate 41

I was born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus, Rollin’ down Interstate 41 … OK, the Allman Brothers’ “Ramblin’ Man” doesn’t particularly fit here. (For one thing, the narrator is the son of a Georgia gambler who wound up on the wrong end of a gun; nevertheless them Delta women thought the world […]

The dead end of an era

There are supposedly no irreplaceable people in the work world. There are, however, people in the media world who are so identified with their work that they really cannot be replaced. Paul Harvey was one. Heaven help the eventual replacement for the Dodgers’ Vin Scully. And now there is Jeremy Clarkson, “sacked,” to use the […]

Is Top Gear running out of gas?

While (or perhaps I should say “whilst”) I have been in the midst of postseason basketball, a controversy has erupted across the pond, the London Evening Standard reports: James May and Richard Hammond have turned down an offer to continue as presenters of Top Gear without their co-host Jeremy Clarkson. The pair said they “didn’t […]