The (next to) best

Super Bowl 50 is Sunday, without the Packers. The Packers are certainly familiar with Super Sunday, having won four of five Super Bowl visits as part of their 13 NFL championships, more than any other NFL team. Wisconsin is naturally crazy about the Packers, but for those who don’t live in the Green Bay TV […]

The 13th Scout Law

Bizarrely, I have to write about Stephen Colbert twice in a week, because, Scouting Magazine reports: Earning the Eagle Scout award is “quite an achievement,” says Stephen Colbert. But more than that, writes The Late Show host, earning Eagle is “the first steppingstone toward having your own TV show.” That’s how “Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.” begins a hilariously awesome congratulatory […]

Praise from a liberal for conservatives!

James Wigderson spotted praise for that bulwark of conservatism, National Review, from, of all people, John Nichols: National Review, the often-defining voice of conservatism over the past six decades, the favored publication of Ronald Reagan and of those who claim the Reagan mantle, has pulled out all the stops in the battle to avert the […]